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visit Marrakech morocco

I have been researching the area near Marrakech, Morocco over the past few weeks. I have always been drawn to Moroccan decor in my house. I love the flowing shapes and colors that wind through the beautiful fabrics.In the past few years, I’ve come to realize that I love Moroccan food!

We’ve recently decided to take a nice trip in March for our fifteenth year wedding anniversary. We want to go somewhere new. There are a few places left on our list. Marrakech is the place I want to go the most. I’d love to visit Marrakech! Now, it’s time to convince my other half. We are probably going to leave our little one at home, this time, but haven’t decided for sure. It mostly depends on how long we decide to go.
Here are my top 7 reasons to Visit Marrakech:

1- Lively Markets

Visit marrakech

The markets of Marrakech have many of those beautiful Moroccan home decor goods with all the beautiful rugs and lanterns. You can see them crafting up some woodwork and leather items. I can’t wait to smell that combination! Add in some cinnamon, coriander, caraway, cumin, saffron, and nutmeg to get a fuller scent. I want to stroll through the streets taking in as much as I can of the people, the beauty, and the air. It seems like those would be some of the most beautiful markets.
The best ones seem to be, Djemaa el-Fna, Souk el Smatta, Souk Cherifia, Souk el Attarine, and Souk Haddadine.

2- Dancing in the Streets

To be honest, one of the first times I realized I would love Morocco was when we were at Epcot in Orlando. Thank you, Disney World! There’s an area setup with replicas of different countries. It gives you a sense of many unique countries. They have good food and a similar vibe as the real deal.
When I walked into their county of Morocco, my heart started melting. I loved it! I loved the colors! The food and the dancing in the street made me so happy!

3- Gorgeous Moroccan Design

Visit Marrakech

Everywhere you look in Marrakech there are beautiful layers of geometric designs, patterned tiles, mixed with rich solid colors, round and horseshoe archways, terra cotta, and pieces of porcelain. All my favorite components! Seeing so much of it one picture, makes me only imagine what it’s like to
walk around there.

4- Riding Camels in the Desert

So, if you are this close to a desert with camels, how do you get away without taking one for a stroll?
Camels are completely magical! What a once in a lifetime opportunity! There is a well rated place located in Marrakech on TripAdvisor called, Camel Riding Marrakech. A more adventurous camel experience can be had if you prefer. Check them out on TripAdvisor. They are called, Camel Safari,
and also have great reviews.

5- The Food

Visit Marrakech morocco

Moroccan food goes way back. The Berbers were there 2000 years ago and are still around today.
They have perfected the combination of delicious flavors. They use a lot of chickpeas, couscous, and beans. They still use traditional ways of preserving meats and cooking, using the tagine. Over the years they have been also been influenced by Arab, Moorish, Ottoman, and French effects. As history has gone on, their food has changed with the nearby culture. I can’t wait to try the sweet Moroccan
mint tea. I keep hearing how wonderful it tastes. I love Moroccan couscous with vegetables and tangine. I will be in heaven with all the amazing food! My mouth is watering now!

6- The Culture

In Morocco, Islam is the most common religion. It is an influencer of the way they live their lives. Family is highly valued. The country prides itself on acceptance of differences. Like the food, their
culture has changed a lot over history. They seem to be a very welcoming community and like for people to Visit Marrakech.

7- The Architecture

visit Marrakech

One of the most alluring details in Moroccan architecture is the blankets laying over the old roofs that have fallen in with time. It leaves a strong, unique and beautiful impression, like so many other things

there. A riad is a residential building open in the middle, with a pretty garden in the middle. Lots of
people live in these. Seems like the perfect atmosphere for a movie. For the commercial building the are mainly made of mud brick. Some are enormous. Some are elaborate on the inside.

The most popular buildings in Marrakech for Moroccan architecture is Koutoubia Mosque, Djemaa el-
Fna; Bahia Palace; Ensemble Artisanal Marrakech; Dar Si Said; and Marorelle Garden.

I would look into all of this specifically for which season you are going. We are planning to visit
Marrakech in the Spring, when it the weather is a little bit cooler. Summertime is much hotter.
Remember, to take this into account when planning how much time you want to spend doing things
outdoors and what time of year you want to visit.

In doing my research, I am convinced I will see Morocco! I’ll be doing everything in my power to vote
for Marrakech. With all of these thoughts tossing around in my mind. I can’t let it go. It seems like
such a vibrate place filled with great, caring people. Next I need to look into where is best to stay. I’ve
read to really experience Marrakech, you need to stay in a Riad. That sounds fun to me! My husband
travels a lot with work. We have plenty of Delta points. I need to start researching flights. There are
also great places around Marrakech to experience nearby by the Atlantic Ocean.

If we do decide to bring our little guy, it would be for longer than a week. So, that will be another next
step in the planning process. He travels well and I know he would be excited to see all the same
things that we will be excited about. He will be 4 years old by March. Most trips, honestly, are more
fun with him there. Plus, we don’t’ have to worry about him and want to go home early. Kids point out
of the smaller funny details of the world.

I can’t wait to visit Marrakech and hope to inspire others along the way!

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