Visit Alberta canada | best attractions you shouldn’t miss


Alberta is a province of western Canada and could be one of the best places to attract travelers to the country, with breathtaking nature and perfect landscapes in every corner. Visit alberta canada is a journey that promises memories !

Here are the top attractions not to be missed, whether you are adventurous or just to relax and rest.

1- Banff National Park

Banff National Park is located in the Canadian Rockies, 120 km west of the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta. established in 1885, in fact the oldest national park in Canada.
The area encompasses some spectacular mountain scenery, major ski resorts, beautiful lakes … Wildlife is abundant here, with grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, caribou and elk, many of which are frequently suggested on along the main road through the park. Hiking is one of the main summer activities in Braff and there are plenty of front trails and return packs to choose from. However, many people explore the comfort of their car park, stopping at the many road tours that offer impressive visions of mountains, lakes and glaciers.

2- Calgary

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city has everything you’re looking for to plan your vacation. it’s manages to combine the big cool city with underwater charm. you can find Beautiful shops, Great places,
incredible restaurants … etc are particularly known for the generosity and largesse of its citizens.
Calgary is also home to one of Canada’s biggest festivals –the Calgary Stampede
also called Calgary Rodeo is a large festival, exhibition and rodoe that takes place in Calgary, Alberta, every month of July for a ten day time.
Calgary is also a great place for the Banff National Bank so you plan to visit Banff, you could also spend time making the most of the city life in Calgary.

3- Waterton Lakes National Park

Visit alberta canada

may be less known than its northern neighbors, Waterton Lakes National Park is a true jewel of greenery in the southeastern part of the province. While driving to the Park, the Prairies give way to emerging peaks and beautiful lakes with abundant wilderness. When visiting the Red Rock Canyon, you will know a memorable moment because of its beauty. There are stages of red ,green and white rocks through which a river of crystalline water passes. You can take a short walk on the site which contains interpretative plaques. For those who are more adventurous, it is possible, when safe, to walk in the cool water at the base of the canyon.

4- Jasper National Park

One of the things necessary you need to see when you visit alberta canada is Jasper National Park is situated 370 km (192 mi) west of Edmonton , the name Jasper is associated with both the national park and the town, which lies at the heart of the park. Jasper is the biggest national park in Canada, covering an area of 10,878 square kilometers. It’s an area of lakes, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, and forests, but has a slightly different appearance than the parks and natural areas further south. Both the park and the town of

5- Lake Louise

Visit alberta canada

Among the most beautiful places to visit in Western Canadas is Lake Louise, turquoise blue, it borders several peaks and adjoins the Victoria Glacier, making it a real life-size postcard. It’s really a wonderful place to spend the day.
you can pass your time on a kayak, on foot or with a cocktail at the fancy Fairmont Lake Louise Hotel,
there’s plenty to keep you busy and if you can’t get enough of that blue water head on over to nearby Moraine Lake for a second helping!

6- Musée Royal Tyrrell – Drumheller


If you have a passion for dinosaurs, you must visit this museum when you visit alberta canada. It is home to the largest collection of dinosaurs in the world. Around the museum is a beautiful terrain with odd shapes of rocks and hills filled with dinosaur bones. The strange landscaping gives us the impression of being at a time when dinosaurs roamed the fertile jungles. There are also workshops where children can cast fossils and dig replicas.

7- Waterton Lakes National

Waterton Lakes National Park is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada , created on 1895 , It plays second and third fiddle to Banff and Jasper, but this gorgeous piece of nature has one thing its more famous cousins can’t compete with: An international border, across which sits its sister park, Montana’s Glacier National Park. You can even take a boat over the border, although for obvious reasons you can’t disembark on the others side.
It’s also home to the amazing red rock canyon whose vivid red earth offers a delightful contrast to the aqua blue waters that surround it

8- Summer Festivals – Edmonton

Visit alberta canada

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta.
it offers residents and visitors many unique festivals and special events throughout the year.
Edmonton is called the city of festivals in Canada. In the summer, locals take part in two of the city’s biggest festivals: the Folk Music Festival and the Fringe Theater International Festival. Both are impressive – the Folk Music Festival is one of the largest in its category and attracts more than 80,000 music lovers who relax on the banks of the river valley. For theater lovers, the Fringe Theater Festival is the second largest theater festival in the world, hosting more than 500,000 visitors and presenting thousands of performances. With so much variety, both events have something for everyone.

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