travelling Costa rica with kids| 10 Amazing things to visit

Travelling Costa rica with kids was like a dream . On paper, it had everything to please us: nature is everywhere, the locals are known to be adorable (Pura Vida), the weather is good. So, is Costa Rica really worth visiting ? Has the dream come true? This is what we will see together in this article .

1- San José

It’s probably in the capital San José that will begin your journey in Costa Rica. City of students, intellectuals and artists.
San José contains the history and culture of the country.
There are many hotels, a few bars and nice restaurants, but I will not hide it, the city is still very ordinary.
I advise you to spend at least a day, if only to admire the neoclassical and colonial buildings. You can also take the opportunity to visit one of the many museums of the city.
Things to See in San Jose :
The Museo del Jade Marco Fidel Tristan, the Museum Nacional of Costa Rica, the museo del oro precolombino (museum of prerolomb gold)
the central Mercado, the National Theater.

2- Parc National Manuel Antonio

Among the most popular parks in the country, Manuel Antonioest National Park on the Pacific Coast. We find the beautiful beaches and forest trails in detour on which we discover abundant fauna: humorous monkey, parrots, pelicans, tatus, iguanas
This is an opportunity to enjoy the fauna and flora in the wet forest (the Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world where we can easily observe wild life!) but pay attention It’s almost always crowded in Manuel Antonio Park. It’s advisable to go there in the morning to enjoy it to the fullest.
It’s possible to stay on site in one of the many hotels in the park.

3- la fortuna

Located near the Arenal volcano, the Fortuna is a small town known by its spectacular landscapes. For people who love the Cascades La Fortuna is the right place to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls .
I really advise you to spend a few days there.
You can also swim in the hot water sources, this is mostly sites arranged for tourists, for some people may seem to them superficial, but the sources are well and natural, Notice to adventurers who are not afraid of fresh water .

4- Volcano Poàs

Located in the national park Poàs, is one of the most visited places of Costa Rica.
Only 37 km northwest of San José, known for its activity and eruption.
The volcano Poàs has three impressive craters, the principal of them contains a huge acid lake giving off toxic fumes (of course we must not approach it), It is really necessary to program a climb to the Poàs volcano. There are many guided tours organized to take you safely to the summit.
it’s advisable to visit the volcano in the morning.

5- Tortuguero

along the Caribbean, Tortuguero National Park is located in the northeastern part of Costa Rica.
One of the most popular parks in Costa Rica, with its small villages, without forgetting its wonderful landscapes.
Access to the park is only by plane or by boat.
North of the National Park is the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary. This other nature reserve offers its visitors a vast territory just as rich and exceptional.
for people who love animals, you will meet many animals like crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys, birds and so on, there are really for all tastes, this part of Costa Rica really deserves passage when you shouse traveling costa rica with kids .

6-The National Rincon Park vieja

The Nacional Rincon Park in Vieja is located in the provinces of Guanacaste and Alajuela in Costa Rica, only 27 km northeast of the city of Liberia. This park is one of the most cunning environmental areas of the country. The park bears the same name of the volcano around it, which is always in activity.
The park is really fantastic with its multitude of natural landscapes for the great happiness of nature lovers. You will find magnificent views, breathtaking falls, rivers, picnic areas, spawning, camping grounds, swimming pools, etc.

7- park national Corcovado

Corcovado National Park is a national park located on the Osa Peninsula, known to be one of the most wild and unspoiled places in Costa Rica.
Generally in this region, prices are very high, enough to explode your budget if you plan to spend a few days. It seems that the price level is voluntarily seen on the rise in order to limit the number of visitors and thus preserve the ecosystem.
This national park is one of the last tropical rainforests and its natural reserve is characterized by a large population of endangered animals such as tapirs, jaguar, scarlet , ocelots ,macaws and white-eyed peccaries.

8- Coffee plantations from the central valley

thanks to its volcanic soil, Costa Rica produces one of the best coffees in the world. There are many plantations that are in the Central Valley, with the car you can easily
walk the country roads and admire the coffee plantations on the hillside.
Guided tours are organized in the plantations, for example at the Finca Cristina (in the Valle de Orosi) and the Finca Café Britt near the city of Brava. it allows you to discover the culture and the coffee making process. This is an opportunity to taste several samples of the famous beverage. After this visit I promise you that you will not taste your coffee in the same way.

9- Monteverde

Located in the center of the country, near Santa Elena. Monteverde is one of the most visited places of the costarica, known by its great suttache and attitude, his second name is the forest of clouds, because we bay in a fresh enough thick that is struggling on the ground. It is really amazing and also the mist grasks a really mystical atmosphere to these places.
Inside the reserve, Discover a virgin forest on trails. There is many suspended bridges in several places. for adventure lovers, the Monteverde Reserve is an ideal place to make tyrolean in the canopy.
Unlike Corcovado, the atmosphere is really ultrasouristed, which may not compare everyone, even if Monteverde is a legendary lecintea Rica.

10-Mount Chirripo

The mount Chirripo is not only the highest peak of Costa Rica but also of all Central America, at 3820 m altitude. It lies in the Cordillera Talamanca in the south of the country. To reach the summit, the hike is done in 2 days.
The entrance to the summit is not free and it is necessary to reserve several weeks in advance to reach the summit of Mount Chirripo.
The climb is long and quite difficult, before starting it is important to prepare yourself physically.
The first kilometer of the ascent is called the Thermometro because it is the most difficult and allows to measure the will and abilities of hikers. After tha the climb becomes easier and you reach the summit in about 8 hours.
At the top, you will find a wonderful view of a landscape of rocks and glacial lakes. we can see both the beauty of the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast.
Visit Mount Chirripo is really a beautiful experience that it would be a shame to miss.

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