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Golden travel safety tips you should to know

Travelling is fun and for those of us who have travelled around the world we know it can be tricky. If you are not careful enough your fun trip might turn into something else. And with more young and inexperienced individuals travelling the world more than ever I feel the urge to share some travel safety tips that are going to help you stay safe in a foreign country. You don’t have to panic because most parts of the world are pretty safe but it does not hurt being cautious. Having said that, let us check out some of the travel safety tips that are going to help you decrease the chances of something bad happening to you.

 Learn some common scams.

The world is full of unique creatures, there are some people out there who have learned the art of scamming travelers and they will always be waiting to take your hard earned money no matter which part of the world you are heading to. I always thought I was too smart to be scammed and here I’m telling you that I have been scammed 3 times. There some pretty good con artists out there and you need to be very careful because it happens.

One of the most common scam is the taxi drivers using broken meters, this something that happens in almost every country. But to be on the safe side, I recommend that you take your time and do some research about some of the most common scams in the country you are intending to visit. Learning about the scams will help stay away from being scammed and ruining the trip that was supposed to be fun.

 Note down the information you can use for emergency.

The world is not our home and we don’t get to decide what will happen when or why. A disaster can strike at any time when you are in a foreign country and in a time like this you will definitely not have time to search for the direction to your country’s embassy or the search for the emergency numbers of the local police. If you are caught up in a situation like that you will most certainly panic and something even worse can happen when you panic. I recommend you have a small laminated card that you have written the emergency details and always have it with you in your purse or wallet and if you are prepared like that, you can always know who or where to call in case of an emergency.

 Make sure you lock up your valuables.

To start with, travelling with something ridiculously valuable is not the wisest idea but you will always have that one thing you will not afford to lose and you have to travel with it. For example you will have to travel with your super expensive camera because for one reason or another you will need to take some pictures.

To minimize the chances of getting your valuables lost, you will need to take extra precautions. To start with, you need to understand backpacks are not always very secure. It is very easy to doze off when you are in using public transport for example and by the time you are waking up, a hole was slashed on the backpack and the item is gone.

You can have your accommodation store your valuables in a safe for you. And when you are travelling use your backpack as a pillow and that way no one can touch it without you realizing. Simple way but very effective, that’s what I always do when I am travelling on a train or bus.

 Travel insurance is a must.

There is no better situation the phrase prevention is better than cure works than when you are travelling. If you are the type of person who panic while you are travelling, a good travel insurance is going to be very reassuring. If you have a good travel insurance, you will not be worried about your expensive camera or apple laptop getting stolen because the insurance will cover for it just in case. But am not saying that you be reckless just because you have a travel insurance, you still need to stay vigilant. But no matter how vigilant you are, shit will happen and a travel insurance will be handy in times like those.

 Ask for advice from the locals.

In the countries I have visited, the locals always seemed to be very friendly. Ask them for advice on things like the safest neighborhood and stuff like that. But it is always wise to have a second opinion from another person just in case the local was not so sure about what was saying but still wanted to help or he is a scam.

Some taxi drivers are good source of information while others are just douchebags who will only lead you to trouble so I suggest you find a hotel and ask for advice from the front desk or you can find a security officer and he will give you genuine advice. Ask for anything like places to eat, shittiest place that you should avoid, you can even ask about taxi fare to avoid being scammed by some cunning taxi drivers.

 Hide emergency cash.

I live believe in the slogan, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That’s something you should enumerate if you want your trips to be always fun. Shit happens and you should always be prepared for it. It might sound ridiculous but I usually have some secret pockets sewed into my pants. You can have yours just make sure you have some cash stored somewhere you feel safe just in case something happen. Have like 200 dollars stored in your secret pockets and another 200 dollars stored in another place. Use those travel safety tips and you can be sure that your trip is going to be fun.

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