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top essential tips when travelling alone with a baby

Traveling alone with a baby

Are you travelling alone with a baby? Have you done this before? Well, if it is your first time, just know it is possible to arrive safely; travelling with your baby can be really fun because you will find enough time to bond with them, however, there are things you will have to keep in mind for you to ensure the safety of your kid. First, you should know that there is nothing as delicate as a baby when it comes to travelling. Handling such a young life is not an easy thing to do especially if you are travelling alone. “Travel along with someone when you have a baby” is the common advice you will get from everyone but because sometimes you may not get a person to travel with, it remains just you with your baby. Well, you don’t need to panic; I will be giving you the tips on what you can expect and how you can deal with every situation;

1. Don’t carry heavy luggage

Well, keeping an eye on your baby and your 20 bags at the same time can be so hectic, when you are travelling with your baby alone, their weight is just enough and a little stuff will work. If you will have to carry a lot of stuff, you better carry a roller bag which you can just roll on the ground as you move, and also don’t really pack heavy stuff, a person will volunteer to roll your bag for you if it is light but they can never help you carry a bag even if it is empty. The thing here is just to pack necessary essentials for you and the baby, especially those that you cannot buy anywhere else.

2. Move slowly

This is a very important thing to observe when you are travelling alone with a baby if you are alone. Try to move as slow as you can for the safety of your young one whether you are travelling by bus or plane. Airports and bus stations will always have commotions, people really move fast, some because they are getting late for their flight, if you move with the same speed, you may get yourself and your baby injured, you can even collide with another person accidentally, it is very rare for you to get an accident if you jus t move slowly, or if you get one, it won’t be that fatal. The trick here is to come early enough so that you don’t keep on rushing to catch up with time.

3. Carry some toys along

When travelling with a baby alone, you are the only person they know and so you will have to pay attention to them and keep them engaged, however, there is a time you will need to pay attention to the instructions that are being given especially if you are travelling by flight. In this situation you will have to keep your kid engaged with some toys as you listen just to make sure that you are not having any problems with your flight. Another thing is that the journey can be to long which may turn boring to your child because children are naturally playful, give them some toys to keep them playing.

4. Keep the connection with your baby

You are the only person that your baby trusts; this is the reason why you should keep connected to them every time. The airport may have a lot of noise, and the plane also has different kinds of people, this can frighten your child if they have nobody else to interact with, always remember that in that whole setting it is just you and your child, keeping them close will help that to be comfortable and to feel safe. You can play with them if you can but if you can, make sure you are engaging them all the time to make them feel more comfortable.

5. Take care of yourself first

The healthy and the safety of your baby entirely depends on yours, if you get affected it is automatic that your baby will be affected too. This is the reason why you need to take good care of yourself first. Make sure your health is in good state before you travel. The second thing is to mind what you are eating and drinking, you are advised to take a lot of water and light food when travelling to avoid things like dizziness; you will need to avoid strong drinks or new foods that you have never eaten before. Don’t eat anything that may bring health problems to you, for instance foods that you are allergic to.

6. Always keep an eye on your baby

Being alert is a must if you are travelling alone with a baby, you ever heard of babies being stolen? I mean, not in movies, in this real world, it happens, but only to people who are not alert, if you have no one else to count on, you need to keep watch on your baby by yourself on the entire journey, just don’t trust anyone that easy, it is better for a person to help you with your luggage but not your baby, this means you will have to attend to your baby by yourself in whatever situation.

7. Board first

If you are taking a flight you should board first, you will get help from people around you or the staff, again, you will have a good time to arrange how the baby is going to be safe and the small things you have boarded along with and just before the plane takes off, you will be already prepared and have settled. This will help your child to familiarize with the environment a little faster before your flight takes off.

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