10 Top Things to Do on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a brilliant island with excellent vistas and contrast. Here you can get arctic wildlife, windswept beaches, cattle and hay bales among other things. This is a hidden gem in the coast of Hobart in Tasmania. The island is visited by over 2 lakh travellers round the year. Most of the time, the island is visited by holidaymakers with their family members for a fun-filled vacation because there is many things to do on Bruny island.

Generally four days are spent here on this island, but if you want, you can spend more days by listening to the roar of the ocean, soaking in the beautiful sunlight, feasting on raspberries, cherries, fine quality wines, oysters. The freshness and flavours of this Bruny Island is unmatchable and you can hardly get it anywhere else in the world. This is a place where you get gastronomical delights couples with natural beauty in abundance.

The island :

The Bruny Island is just spread over just 100 km in length. The area is divided into two parts, south and
north. Both the parts are connected through a narrow isthmus which is known as the neck. The famous island was discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642. If you consider the history of Bruny Island, you will discover that the place has a rich heritage of the British culture and carries the saga of the Aboriginal history.

Now let’s look at the things to do on Bruny Island

Go and explore the beach

Things to do on bruny island

This is the southernmost part of Australia where you can find the gorgeous beaches. All you need to do here is to take off your shoes, deep your feet into the white sand and smell the salty air. The ocean is great here irrespective of the weather you experience there. You can witness that splendid rainbow here as well if you are lucky. Taking a dip into the ocean is a must here as well.

Go for a safari journey

This is one of the best experiences on Bruny Island. Before the journey, you are given ginger tablet or mint to get rid of motion sickness. During the trip, you will see several threatened species here, including
southern elephant seal, New Zealand fur seal, turtles, spotted handfish, great white shark, sea star, migratory whales and humpback whale among other such animals.

A trek to the Cape Bruny Island lighthouse

Things to do on bruny island

If you are staying on Adventure Island, the journey to Cape Bruny Island lighthouse will take around one
hour to reach. If you visit in summer, you can get around 35 degrees Celsius. This is a perfect place for a
picnic, especially during Christmas. In summer time, the sunset takes place at around 9pm. So you can be ready with your camera gears to capture the gorgeous sunsets you have ever seen. But beware of the wildlife population here. Try to wrap up your party by 9pm or 9.30pm max and head towards the hotel because that is the best plan you can follow on this island. There is a nature park here. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can visit the park with your gypsy car that can be hired here. It will cost around $24 per vehicle up to the park from the lighthouse.

A perfect rainy day plan on the island

A perfect rainy day plan on the island

Have you booked your visit to the Bruny Island during the rainy season? Well, do not worry as there are
plenty of things to do here even on a rainy day. Hotel Bruny is famous here for its excellent dishes and big
portions. Various delicacies made of fresh produces here are served to the diners here.

Visit to the neck

This is another adventure activity to do on Bruny Island. The narrow land that connects the northern and
southern island parts here is known as the neck. One of the fun things is to do here is to drive to the neck and watch penguins at dusk. As a tourist, you are supposed to wear dark coloured clothes and make sure that you don’t disturb the penguins here with your camera flashlights or any other electronic gadgets.

Feast on the best dishes you have ever tasted

Spending an entire day trying the best foods here should be on your itinerary when visiting the Bruny Island. Bruny Island Cheese Company is famous for its variety of cheeses. You can taste every kind with cider drinks which will be a wonderful experience. You can also try to visit the Get Shucked Oyster Farm for some excellent seafood experience. Those who want to relish some fresh fruits can go to the Bruny Island Berry Farm and taste the local berries. The berries can be a great food option for breakfast if you couple them with natural yogurt.

Soak in the wines

Bruny Island is the place to taste quality wines. You can stay all day in your hotel and enjoy the best wines
here if you want. There are so many vineyards here that will give you the finest local wines.

Best place for long walks

This is one of the most romantic places on earth. Bruny Island is also considered as a favourite destination among honeymooners. Here there are plenty of places where you can go for long walks with your closed ones. Birdwatchers can also enjoy a great time here as over 150 bird species are available on Bruny Island.
There are around 12 threatened bird species on this island. Swift parrot, grey goshawk, fairy tern, masked
owl, sea eagle and several other bird species can be witnessed here on a clear day.

Go for shopping

This is a great place to collect fruits, wines and other natural produces. On the day of departure, you should collect these items back home. There are lots of local vendors who can help you with this. The price is moderate and the taste of all these items are simply otherworldly.

Bruny Island is considered as the paradise for travellers. This is one of the top 10 tourist destinations of the world. You can search for the best travel deals online and book your journey to this island. But be early with your bookings to ensure that you get the best weather and comfortable stay in hotel among other facilities.
This island will call you for more than once visit.

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