7 Reasons why you will love to visit turin italy

Italy attracts more than two million visitors annually and it is one of the top tourist’s destinations in the entire continent of Europe. Many visitors tend to visit the main cities such as Rome and Venice and they forget to tour a Turin even when they are touring northern Italy. Turin is a historical gem and if you are the type of person who gets fascinated by oodles of history, then you are going to fall in love with Turin. There is also more that this city has to offer and in this article, we discuss some of the top reasons that will make you want to visit Turin Italy. Check them out:

1.The art, history and the architecture

visit turin italy

The art and architecture that is in this city located in Northern Italy are second to none! The art and the architecture are the first things that strike the eyes of a newcomer who lands in Turin. Each turn you make, there is a historical gem that excites you. Get to see the inlaid marble, paintings, glass and iron among other exciting things.The styles of renaissance, Neo and Baroque classical periods are still in place. Giving you a trip back in time. And it is not only the exteriors that are going to excite you the most. The interiors of the buildings also hold some magnificent treasures for you to see. The city of Turin is no short of beauty.And if you are a fan a football fan you can get a chance to watch the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo play. He plays for Juventus and Juventus is located in Turin. It will be a moment to remember especially if you are a Ronaldo fan.Turin was the first capital city if Italy and the home of the royal house. So once you are in Turin, you can be sure there some historical palaces that might excite you. Adding to the many reasons you might want to visit Turin Italy.

2. Coffee culture

visit turin italy

We all love coffee, don’t we? Well, if you are a big fan of coffee then Turin is a must-visit while you are in the country. Turin is home to some historical cafes that are quite famous throughout the city and the country at large. Bicerin is the most iconic of all and this café was established in the year 1763! Even before the world wars. The café has been visited by some famous people such as Puccini, Nietchze and Nicholas Dumas himself (The one who wrote the famous the three Musketeers and the monte Cristo)

3. Piemonte wine and Vineyards

visit turin italy

Piedmont is a region located in Northern Italy and it is known because of its rich reds more specifically the Barbaresco and Barolo. And by the way, this region has its language that is different from the language spoken by the rest of Italians. Maybe you might want to visit the region so that you can learn the language.While still in Turin, it will be worth taking a one hour trip to the countryside of the city and get to witness the beautiful vineyards in the countryside. The vineyards are in plenty and if the vineyards are in plenty it means the wine is in plenty too, so if you love wine, you are going to enjoy your time in Turin.

4.Turin is very accessible

visit turin italy

If you are in Europe and you are planning to visit the city by train then it will be very easy for you. The Europe train network is well connected from countries like France and getting there will be more than simple. And once you are in the country, there are ways to tour the city with ease. The regular trains are very accessible and you can also use other ways like the use of bus and taxis. The city is not crowded and it is very pedestrian-friendly. So if you love touring places on foot then Turin will be a perfect match for you.

5. Turin has fewer crowds

visit turin italy

Italy is a top destination for tourists and it is obvious that most of the cities are normally crowded with the locals and the visitors. But the good thing is that Turin has fewer tourists and it still has a lot to offer. Turin is nested on a plateau and it is set against a backdrop of snow which gives it such beautiful scenery. Missing a trip to Turin while you are Italy will be a big mistake, you don’t want to miss out these beautiful sceneries where you can take some of the cutest photos.

6.Aperivito originated from Turin

visit turin italy

Don’t get confused, Aperivito is not a person and it is not food like it might sound. Aperivito is a tradition which is very common in Italy. Before you are offered any food in Italy, it is a tradition that you will be offered some alcohol first. Well, this tradition is what is called Aperivito and it originated from Turin. Because of this tradition, some popular brands originated in Turin including Gancia and Martini Rosso. It is also believed that Vermouth was also invented in Turin during the 18th century.

7.The bars in Turin!

visit turin italy

The bars in Turin is something to look out for if you love that life. The bars in Turin are nothing like what you are used to in your country, they are unique and beautiful and ones you can’t afford to miss while you are in Turin. The bars will offer you some of the most amazing breakfast, a cappuccino with a pastry or espresso if that’s your choice. They are opened early in the morning and they don’t close till midnight. They are well decorated and not forgetting the exceptional service from the attendants. Welcome!

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