Malaga to Tangier day trip

Taking a day trip from malaga to tangier is an experience full of adventure , the north of Morocco separated from Spain by the Gibraltar Strait. It’s here that the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meets. Visit Tangier, it is discovering a typical city of Morocco between culture and traditions.

How to travel to Tangier from Spain

There are lots of ferries to Morocco from a variety of ports. If you want to take a ferry it will take only 1 hour to arrive at Tangier. the best spanish ports for getting to Morocco are Tarifa and Algeciras. the other way you are by taking a plane.


When you can visit Tangier

The perfect time to visit Tangier for ideal weather are September to November and March to May. The weather still not too hot, and appropriate to enjoy your trip and have a good time

best things to visit in tangier

Visit Tangier is an incredible moment, with its monuments, its beaches and its typical Moroccan spirit in its souks ..
Located at the gates of the medina, the big souk is one of the most popular places in the region of Tangier.
Spice flavors, fresh fruit, sweets or crafts such as carpets and tea assemblies are interpreting in a dedalet of alleys that are in Tangier and embody the essence of the interior of Morocco.
The Medina, the Souk Chico, the great mosque, citadel and the slant or palace of the sultans or American legion are other places to visit essentially when you visit tangier.
your trip to Tangier may not stop there because many Morrocan cities areworth a visit , such as Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca…Morocco is famous for it’s beauty and diversity.

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