Is it safe to travel to Egypt ? Tips and advices

is it safe to travel to egypt

Egypt is fascinating and there is no doubt about that. Some of the wonders of the world are found in this amazing country. And not forgetting the longest river in the world drains in the country. If you are considering to visit Egypt or you have already booked your ticket to the country this article is for you. we are going tom explore some of the things you should know about Egypt including the safety and where you can go as well as the best time to travel to Egypt.

Why should you go to Egypt?

There are more than enough reasons why should visit Egypt. Egypt was the first country to taste civilization and a lot has changed since then. I think Egypt might be the richest country when it comes to history. The temples, the people, River Nile, and the pyramid of Giza are some of the things you must see once you set your foot in Egypt. You can still be able to track the history of the Egyptians from the ancient temples and tombs that still exists up to date. Get to learn about the Egyptian culture by interacting with one or two locals who are very friendly by the way. The temperature of Egypt is perfect that is if you like it hot like I do. There is a lot fascinating things about Egypt and the experience that you are going to have here is going to remain in your life forever.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Perhaps one of the most asked question by first time travelers. I can loudly say that Egypt is safe to travel for anybody. I don’t understand why many first time travelers feel like it is not safe to travel to Egypt. Egypt is like one of the safest country you can visit in Africa. Probably why most people have a negative mind about the safety of the country is because of what the media has made them believe. But the fact is anybody who have travelled to Egypt will tell you how safe it is. The travel warning list of the US has categorized Egypt as a level 2 warning but that does not mean it is not safe. Governments always takes an extra step of caution. Plus a level 2 warning does not mean don’t travel. There are usually four levels of warnings to travelers, level one means you need just take normal precautions while level four means avoid. Egypt is in between but I have to say there is not really so much to worry about.

There are some places that has been identified as dangerous to travel. One of the places is the western desert as there is terrorism in the zone, Sinai Peninsula due to terrorism reasons too and the Egyptian border because of it is a military zone.

Although Egypt is very safe, it won’t hurt if you take some precautions. To reduce any risk that can arise, you might want to avoid crowds and demonstrations, have a medical insurance as you travel, have a contingency plan in case of anything and you might want to follow twitter handle of the department of sates.

Due to the bad picture painted about Egypt’s safety on the media, tourism is not very common in the country which is a good thing for us travelers as there are fewer scammers as well as few people in the top attraction sites in Egypt. The tourist attractions in Egypt are heavily guarded so you can be sure of top security when you are in visiting any, they are actually practically the safest places to be when you are in Egypt. The locals are also very friendly and they will help you without expecting to be paid unlike in many African countries.

Egypt is also very safe for female solo travelers so if you were discouraged that you can’t tour Egypt as a solo traveler don’t panic because the country is safe even for female solo travelers. Probably you will feel a little bit weird while travelling through some places because of receiving a lot of looks but that’s just normal, they are just appreciating God’s creation there is no harm will come from them. Some men will even try to talk to you, don’t be rude just respond nicely and who knows he might even make your vacation better.

When should you visit Egypt?

I don’t think there is best time to visit Egypt as there are no peak or off seasons but you might want to avoid visiting Egypt between June and August as the temperature during this time can be unbearable for tourists. But if you don’t mind the high temperature, you will be sure to find more hotel options and calmer tourist attractions. From my experience I think the best time to travel to Egypt should be during the spring as the weather is so much better. And during the spring, the tourist attractions are still quieter. The hotel prices are little bit cheaper especially when you travel to Egypt between December and February.

What you should know before travelling to Egypt ?

 The tap water in Egypt has high amounts of chlorine, it might not be so good for drinking. Be prepared to spend just a bit for bottled water in order to avoid stomach issues.

 The foods from the street vendors might cause stomach upset.

 Egypt is very hot since it is a desert so be sure to carry your sunscreen with you in order to avoid sunburns. Dehydration is also very high and you will dehydrate even without noticing like due to sweating, so it is very important to keep drinking water from time to time.

 The Egyptians uses the Egyptian pound as their currency.

 You will need a visa in order to visit Egypt. The visa will cost you around 25 US dollars and you can apply online prior to your visit.

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