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Serenity. Bliss. Relaxation. These three words are alike because they all come from the same place, vacation. We can both agree on one thing, life gets stressful and hard, and we need a break. A holiday is the perfect answer, but some people find it too confusing to plan and book. But don’t worry, I’m here to take you through all of the simple steps you need to finally go on your dream vacation. I have devised a simple list of the instructions that you need to follow, to efficiently and successfully book your holiday!

Firstly, you need to find a location. Now this is something that is unique to every person, and everyone has their own preference. So simply go where you want! You can relax on the hot sandy beaches of Spain, frolic in the sunshine of Morocco, experience the culture of the middle-east, as I said, go wherever your heart tells you to! I personally prefer somewhere more exotic, like Hawaii. Maybe you could try a bit of Hula dancing! However, if you can’t make up your mind or are inexperienced on holiday destinations, then you could go with some of the most popular options. Some of them include: Spain, France, The Maldives and Germany.

Secondly, you need to book a flight. For this, you have to decide when to go and return. You need to fit this around your schedule, including your job. You may want to ask your employer before hand about how many days you have off. Also make sure that the dates you are thinking on booking, don’t collide with the dates that you have anything important, like a family reunion or a loved ones’ birthday party! Once you have your dates in mind, you simply need to look for flights! It can be hard finding a good deal, so I recommend using Kayak . It’s a website where you enter the dates you would like to fly and return, and your destination, and it automatically finds the cheapest flights for you, regardless of the flight class that you picked. Hooray!

Next, you need to book a hotel. Hotel’s are always a struggle to book as prices are always high. You may have heard of the website that i’m going to recommend to you now, Trivago.

Trivago is as simple to use as Kayak! Simply enter in your arrival and departure date, find a good location that once again, your heart tells you to go. Make sure that the place that you are planning on going to is accustomed do your needs, like the view that you want, the restaurants or shops that you want locally, and the entertainment that you want. After you have chosen where you want to stay, simply enter in a budget and any extra requirements and all that’s left for you to do is pay for the cheapest hotel that you find!

After that, you need to pack your bags. This may not seem like something that I need to clarify, but trust me, you want to pay attention to what you pack. Don’t just put in clothes that you think are fine, make sure you put clothes in according to the weather and how many days/nights you are going to stay. Another tip is pack the bare essentials. Things like towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and hand sanitizer. Pack sparingly, remove and last minute extras that will take up room in your luggage. A good technique is to put all of your clothes at the bottom, folded, and put all of your other products on the top, to cushion them in case you drop your bag. Also, depending on what class flight you purchased, you might also want to bring a snack for the air-plane ride!

Then, you might want to look for a few activities. Although this isn’t a must by any means, activities are a way to find a new interest, or, simply have fun! Hotels will often provide booklets with information on the best activities around you. These range from hiking to sky-diving. A quick google search will give you thousands of results, pick the one that stands out to you the most. A website I would recommend for this is Trip Advisor . Trip Advisor just requires the location you plan on going to, and automatically finds the best-reviewed and most fun activities near you, so you don’t need to look through page after page of google yourself. But remember, don’t be afraid to go bold, you can conquer your fears, and relax at the same time!

Last but certainly not least, you need to pay. Everything I have recommended to you so far, was written with budget in mind. This means that you do not have to splash out all of your hard-earned money all at once for a few days on vacation. This means that you can spend as little as $500 and still enjoy yourself. However, if you have a higher budget, then I would recommend looking for some of the more luxurious options. You can choose 5-star hotels on Trivago and you can fly business class to make the most of your high budget. I personally have an average budget, but I guarantee you it makes almost no difference to the experience so don’t feel ashamed if you can’t afford the more expensive options.

What now? Is that it? Surely there must be more to it? Nope. That’s it. There isn’t much to do now apart from patting yourself on the back, kicking back and thinking about the lovely time you will spend in a few days. Vacations are almost necessary to function normally and give your brain some rest. It’s scientifically proven that people who go on vacations more often than others are usually more mentally healthy. Using this guide, you can plan your vacation without having to break a sweat on the long procedure of planning a holiday, just a few, simple yet important steps towards your dream vacation!

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