My name is Anouar, I am both professional travel blogger 3 years ago but also author and entrepreneur.
 In 2009, I took the plane for the first time. Since then I did my lifestyle!
I created travelsoya at 2019 , My goal is to get you to travel somewhere you always wanted to go – is it Madrid ? Mumbai ? Japon? The Great Pyramids of Egypt? All 50 U.S. States?  I want you to be bitten by the travel bug just like I was.
Travelsoya is meant to inspire you to travel; To give you an idea about the world around you ; To get out there! To discover ! To learn!
I will share with you my travels, Over time you will learn more about my story and hear about my past experiences. And I will help you to follow along the way as I brainstorm new trip ideas, recruit willing travel buddies, plan out trip details and logistics, and live the journey as it unfolds.