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Monaco, is a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera located in Western Europe. It has one of the most luxurious and exquisite locations on Earth, being Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a fascinating place visited by many wealthy people each year, with its key attraction being the Monte Carlo Casino. Monaco also features a palace, being the residing place of the prince of Monaco. Apart from these two places Monaco also has beautiful beaches, and even more attractions ranging from cathedrals to museums. One of the precautions you will have to be wary about is the cost however, with Monaco being very expensive to visit and enjoy- a five star hotel in Monaco usually costs around $861. Comparing this to a five star hotel in New York City, being $607. The difference in price truly shows how much of a luxury staying in Monaco can be. A true bucket list item would be to visit Monaco, as it truly would be quite worth the experience.

Monaco is actually one of the most rich countries in the Mediterranean Area. One of the reasons being is how small Monaco actually is in reality- less than two square kilometers! An American farm is around the same amount of space, roughly 1.8 square kilometers on average. It is largely based due to how small it is, it’s so small so property and land cost must be through the roof! No worries, no matter how big your concern is, “Well, wouldn’t they speak a different language than me?”, even though the official language is French, it’s actually widely understood that most people there speak English. Asking for directions or where the best cuisine is would only be a person away. One thing to stay prepared for is the currency exchange, Monaco does business using the Euro.

Monte Carlo is an absolute MUST if you plan on visiting Monaco, it houses the Monte Carlo Casino. That alone houses a theatre, a ballet, and of course the casino. The casino of course offers gambling, and considering you’re living your best life you might as well spend a little- just make sure you have enough to get home that is. Even the exterior of the Monte Carlo Casino is an absolute beauty, filled with 19th century architecture. An event that occurs in Monte Carlo is the ongoing Opera, a show of theirs would truly be quite the sight. Even the history of Monte Carlo is a beautiful thing to learn about, asking a local would be one of the best ways of learning about this, also being a great way to take in some of the culture of the area. Arguably the best place to visit Monaco is Monte Carlo.

A key visit would be the oceanography museum of Monaco. It is located in Monaco-Ville, being the capital for the Mediterranean Science Commission. The museum has been up for an astounding 119 years, meaning it was built very early 20th century by Prince Albert I. This museum houses a lot of artists work along with a load of ocean exhibits. The first floor showcases work from Prince Albert I, with the basement level being where the aquarium and most of the ocean showcase is. Collections of sea organisms fill the basement and first floor levels, showcasing their knowledge of the oceans. Damien Hirst and Phillippe Pasqua being some of the key artists on the first floor.

The most luxurious place to stay in all of Monaco, would have to be Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, being one of the only five star hotels in Monaco. Located in Monte Carlo as well gives you a good place to start your journey throughout Monaco, and also gives great travel opportunities for the rest of your ventures in Monaco. The price is of course going to match the beautiful appearance and ideal location, with rooms going to start around roughly eleven-hundred US dollars. The hotel features a spa room, a private beach, and a restaurant. Exclusive privileges are for sure equal to the cost of the rooms. This is a great location to be with designer stores with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo being walking distance away, even the Monte Carlo Casino would be walking distance away.

Beaches on the Monaco coast are one of the best experiences you can have. Monaco itself has a great climate and almost 300 sunny days a year. There are beach side restaurants to fulfill your hunger and love for Monacan cuisine. Larvotto Beach is a highly visited tourist area, because of its blue ocean and amazing view of the water. Beach side hotels that give you a lovely view of the ocean when you wake up is an euphoric feeling and a great way to start your day. These hotels range from $500 to anywhere in the lower thousands. The private beach from the Hotel de Paris is recognized as one of the best beaches as well.

Lastly is the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, or Cathedral of our Lady Immaculate, this is the last stop on an amazing trip throughout Monaco. Built in 1875, this place is an absolute piece of art and culture. Beautiful artwork on the inside only compliments the view from the outside. A burial place for past princes, it is a key place for Monacan culture. One of the best times to visit is for the National Holiday which is on November 19th. Walking distance away is the Prince’s Palace, where the Prince resides. A short car ride away is the Exotic Garden where you can see the well maintained garden filled with beauty. This garden actually houses a ton of cacti, other plants because of the micro climate.

To visit Monaco is a great venture. By the end of it you would have come out with a lot of cultural knowledge and even more pictures of the amazing trip. Monaco is a beautiful place with an even more beautiful culture. From Monte Carlo, to the Oceanography Museum, to the most luxurious Hotel, to Beaches, and finally to the Exotic Garden. If you had one place to choose in the Mediterranean area, visit Monaco.

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